Facilities Management

As the employer:

It is your responsibility to ensure that all your building services are compliant with current legislation. From electrical safety (portable equipment, fixed appliances and the building’s fixed wiring) to water hygiene and gas safety. Ignore the issue and you’re putting your workforce at risk as well as your premises.

Let's cut to the chase about being fully compliant:

Trying to manage your business and meet all your compliance obligations often means you go round in circles. Your business is under additional pressure in today's challenging economy to cut costs. It’ll usually focus first on facilities and operating costs. It’s a real concern meeting the reduced budget targets, while keeping your facilities legal and operational. Keeping on top of legislative compliance issues alone (including proper records) is a minefield. Building compliance is a very important element in any facilities maintenance contract and every employer is responsible. Let Sustain Group lead you safely through it. Here are just a few of the areas in which our dedicated, in-house fully trained teams provide complete peace of mind:

  • Fire Alarm Testing & Recording
  • Fixed Wire Testing
  • Emergency Light Testing
  • Electrical Testing & Inspection
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Water Hygiene Compliance
  • Gas Installations Certification / Testing & Inspection
  • Refrigerated Gas – F Gas
  • Lifts
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Lighting Protection
  • Earthing
  • Pest Control
  • Access Equipment
  • Generators
  • Mansafe Systems
  • Extract Fans
  • PUWER Regs

Electrical Safety

Here's the hard sell for employers.

Most accidents and fires in business premises are started by either a fault in the building’s electrical equipment or the fixed wiring system.

The effects can be devastating. Negligence could result in fire, electrocution, injuries and death.

You could suffer lost income, fines and may even have your insurance invalidated. As the employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment and systems are safe. This embraces portable equipment (such as toasters), fixed appliances (like hand dryers) and the building’s fixed wiring (which needs retesting every 5 years). Ignore the issue and you’re putting your workforce at risk as well as your premises.

Timely inspection and testing of electrical systems by Sustain Group will help to ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Fixed Wiring BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulatory Standards.

 Facilities Management UK

KILLER STAT: According to the HSE, 1,000 people are injured and 25 are killed every year through electrical accidents in the workplace.

Timely inspection and testing of electrical systems helps you ensure compliance with the Electricity at work regulations 1989 and the Fixed wire BS7671 IEE Wiring regulatory standards.

Negligence could result in fire, electrocution, injuries, death, lost income, fines and may even invalidate your insurance. Sustain Group provides a complete accredited electrical safety testing service in inspection and testing of portable appliances (PAT) and installation fixed wiring and periodic inspections.

Our services are delivered by IEE 17th Edition, City and Guilds qualified operatives directly employed and trained by Sustain Group, providing the support and advice you require.

On completion you will be provided with professional, detailed certificates or reports for your records. We are happy to review your existing information and provide advice on any electrical compliance requirements.

Gas safety and compliance from Sustain Group is governed by ACOP Gas Safety regulations, 1998. All our operatives are accredited gas safe engineers, giving you the service and peace of mind you expect.

We provide records and certification to confirm compliance with the legislative requirements and British standards, ensuring your employees’ safety at all times. Companies who use refrigerated gases in air conditioning or stationary refrigerated equipment are required to retain F gas registers for their site.

TM44 statutory requirements for inspection of air conditioning systems increase your documentation and certification responsibilities. Sustain Group is happy to advise you on all aspects of these requirements and provide an effective solution.

Does your office drinking water leave you with a bitter aftertaste?

These days, the health and wellbeing of staff in the workplace isn’t just desirable, it’s a legal necessity.

In all, there could be as many as 28 waterborne threats having a field day in the water concealed in your building’s DEAD ZONES.

If that toxic soup is sucked back into your main water supply, you and your staff will soon know about it.

Understanding the legislation is pivotal to protecting your employees from risk of disease from Legionella, Cholera, Weil’s and Cryptosporidium to name a few; diseases with potentially devastating consequences.

There are two ways you can find the DEAD ZONES in your building. Either wait until disaster strikes and clean up the mess afterwards. Or launch a pre-emptive strike with a full system audit from Sustain FM, so you’re not sharing your water supply with potentially life-threatening bacteria. Surely you’d drink to that?

Hard FM from Sustain Group

Our high-performing Hard FM Solution is delivered through our in-house dedicated service delivery teams, and our trusted service partners. Together we will add value to your estate management strategy.

This is achieved by maximising the lifespan of your technical assets, supplying strategic forward maintenance solutions and appropriately-timed recommendations on asset replacement and professional building maintenance strategy.

Our Hard FM ability is hard to ignore:

  • Complete bespoke asset management strategies to match your company needs.
  • In-House 24/7 Technical Support
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs
  • Dilapidation survey and strategies
  • Self-delivery of projects
  • Record keeping and document management
  • FM projects and minor works

All communication is linked to our QFM, a bespoke Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system, to record all of your assets, including condition reports.

 Hard FM from Sustain FM

Did you know Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) can save you up to 40% on ad hoc or reactive maintenance?

PPM from Sustain Group is the key to achieving the maximum life of a building’s services, minimising your running costs. PPM protects the value of your assets and extends their lifespan, reducing your risk and disruptive emergency call outs. Added to which, you meet your statutory obligations as an owner or user. With our highly-trained staff from several disciplines all working together and the very latest technology, Sustain Group is perfectly placed to help you do it.

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Heating and ventilation maintenance
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs
  • Energy management
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance
Sustain FM

Did you know Sustain Group can also provide Reactive Response Only ?

If you don’t require a monthly maintenance programme, rest assured you will still benefit from our reactive response service; we can still be there for you when you need it most.

We have dedicated teams available 365 days a year to respond to your emergencies, giving you peace of mind. We provide a comprehensive reactive response service which like our PPM services, is tracked using our CAFM system and includes:

Why undertake the burdensome task of maintaining your building when you should be concentrating on your core business? Our experienced, all-trades team will take care of that blocked drain, that burst pipe, that office partition, that smashed window and that missing roof tile. We’ll even tidy up afterwards.

We’ll do it at a time that minimises disruption to your operations.

This can be part of a maintenance and repairs contract or as a sensibly-priced, stand-alone service which won’t leave you out of pocket. Using the latest technology, we can keep you fully informed about arrival times. And using common courtesy, we operate professionally.

  • A reactive facilities management service provided by specialist employees
  • Competitive reactive facilities services quotations (our daily tariff is charged at the same rate as our PPM services)
  • Provision of detailed analysis of your spend by location, trade and response time.

Cleaning Services

Sustain Group provide a quality cleaning service throughout the UK.

Sustain Group provide a wide range of cleaning services through our trained dedicated work force. We believe in using the best environmental practices and products at all times where possible to deliver a quality service to all our customers making sure everything we do is well planned, well managed , health and safety compliant and transparent for all involved.

Sustain Group Pride ourselves in offering customer focused service at excellent value for money.

Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

At Sustain Group we are committed to satisfying the needs of our clients. Our established background has provided us with extensive experience in maintaining and cleaning all office environments. Serving the customer is what we at Sustain Group firmly believe in.

We will sit down with you and work out exactly what your building cleaning requirements are and deliver them to you both efficiently and economically.

Our office cleaning services includes everything from office floors and workspaces to washrooms and kitchen facilities.

Our cleaning services can be tailor made into a programme relevant to your unique work space and business needs.

We ensure that your customers see you and your business at its best, reflected by your consistently immaculate and hygienic workplace. Sustain Group are a Midlands based company that pride themselves on providing a wide range of cleaning services through its trained dedicated staff.

Our key objectives are to provide cleaning services to a high standard along with customer support and aftercare that is second to none.

All employees at Sustain Group have the same goals and targets, to work together as a team ensuring all our services are delivered to our clients professionally at all times.

At Sustain FM we are committed to satisfying the needs of our clients.

Office Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

We at Sustain Group cleaning, have a team of experienced industrial cleaning specialist that will resolve any problem that arises, using the most effective cleaning practices and specialised equipment we will deliver a safe and effective service at all times.

Sustain Group cleaning can deliver a wide range of deep cleaning services that will enhance, protect and make your workplace a safe working environment for you and any visitors. We at Sustain Group believe strongly in listening to the customer’s every need and in doing this we will put together an action plan of the best and most cost effective route to solving the issues you may have.

When we visit your workplace we will provide you with a detailed site survey. Keeping your workplace clean tidy and well maintained is essential in reducing risks of harm to employees and visitors, in implementing OSHA colour coding within walkways, group areas and any other designated areas you have within your workplace, you will protect your staff and visitors from possible injury. Detailed below is a list of some of the services we can offer your business:

  • Factory Dust Downs
  • Gutter Cleaning High Level
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Machine Degreasing
  • Factory Floor Cleaning and Painting
  • Deep Cleaning of Spray Paint Booths and Ovens
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Injection Mould Machine Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
Sustain Group


Sustain Group provide a quality cleaning service Nationally.

  • We manage a variety of sites from those requiring one cleaner up to those requiring 15 or many more cleaners.
  • We will arrange a survey of your premises free of charge and provide you with a detailed specification and quotation for your individual site.
  • We will provide you with trained reliable cleaners, who are supervised regularly and monitored by our managers. The smallest details make a huge difference to the service we provide, whether it is for reasons of security, health and safety or mere convenience, our systems are designed to ensure that we get it right, all the time.
  • Sustain Group offer a complete professional cleaning service, from the smallest to the largest executive suite, all individually tailored to suit your specific requirements.
  • Sustain Group provides an unsurpassable level of personal care.
  • You will experience dramatic improvement in the appearance of your office right from the start.

At Sustain Group we are committed to detail, continuous research and development of cleaning techniques at competitive rates. Whatever size your premises, when it comes to value, quality and responsiveness, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. First impressions matter, furthermore a clean working environment guarantees optimum productivity.

Property Management UK

Computer & IT Cleaning

Some computer keyboards harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat, research has suggested. Consumer group Which? said tests at its London offices found equipment carrying bugs that could cause food poisoning.

Out of 33 keyboards swabbed, four were regarded as a potential health hazard and one harboured five times more germs than one of the office’s toilet seats. Microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson said a keyboard was often "a reflection of what is in your nose and in your gut". During the Which? tests in January this year, a microbiologist deemed one of the office’s keyboards to be so dirty he ordered it to be removed, quarantined and cleaned. It had 150 times the recommended limit for bacteria - five times as filthy as a lavatory seat tested at the same time, the research found.

The equipment was swabbed for bugs, such as those that can cause food poisoning like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus. Dr Wilson, a consultant microbiologist at University College London Hospital, told BBC Radio 5 Live sharing a keyboard could be passing on illnesses among office workers. He said "Should somebody have a cold in your office, or even have gastroenteritis, you’re very likely to pick it up from a keyboard".

Which? said one of the causes of dirty keyboards was users eating lunch at their desk, with crumbs encouraging the growth of bacteria. Poor personal hygiene, such as not washing hands after going to the toilet, could also be to blame, it said. Sustain Group can offer a full keyboard cleaning service to your business. Contact us for full details and to arrange a quotation.

Facilities Management UK


All our services comply with relevant legislation and accreditation, including BS EN ISO 9001, BS 7499, BS 7984, BS 7799and BS 8418.

Services include:

  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Security
  • Technology Solutions – alarms, access control, surveillance cameras
  • Physical Security – fences, turnstiles, gates
  • Remote Monitoring Centre though our service partners
  • Consultancy
Estate Management UK

Asset Management

Refurbishment, Design & Build Projects

Asset Management can only be truly achieved through the capture and validation of quality data. Delivered through our team of engineers and national service partners, Sustain Group can deliver:

  • Asset Validation
  • Asset Capture
  • Condition Survey
  • Critical System Analysis
  • PPM Planning
  • Capital Expenditure Programs
 Project Works
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