24 Hr Helpdesk

Sustain Group can provide companies with a cost effective, 24hr helpdesk service solution Regardless of there business sector or support function, Which can seamlessly integrate with your existing help desk team, to manage your out of hours calls, as well as providing critical day time overflow and disaster recovery cover.

Our solution essentially gives you a dedicated, highly trained team to increase your service levels by providing your organization with around the clock support.

Our system is able to report on each type of call in terms of time of day, duration and type of fault reported whether it was remedied or escalated.


  • 24 hour, 365 day cover enables you to extend your support offering.
  • Releases top level technicians to focus on more complex issues.
  • Ensures SLA's are met
  • Integrates with your existing ticketing systems.
  • Dramatically reduces costs associated with running a 24 hour helpdesk in-house.
  • Elleviates staffing issues such as absence and sickness.
  • Piece of mind knowing that your orgaizantion has round the clock support
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